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Qualification Information


Minimum Qualifications for Rentals

  • Everyone 18 years or older is required fill out an application and pay a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee of $50 per adult (anyone 18 years or older).

  • Financial Check requirements: 

    • Financially responsible parties must have monthly combined gross income of 2.5x the monthly rent

    • 2 recent paycheck stubs if paid biweekly, 4 if paid weekly.

    • For self-employed applicants, we will require: Prior year tax returns or 1099s, W-2, or 12 months of bank statements

  • Photo I.D.: All applicants must provide a valid driver’s license or other approved photo I.D. 

  • Rental History: A minimum of 12 months of rental history, prior homeownership, or a co-signer that meets criteria.

  • Credit check: A credit report will be processed for each applicant.

Additional Fees per Qualifications

  • Risk Mitigation Fee: You may be required to pay a Risk Mitigation Fee which is based on an average credit score of all applicants. You will have two options: Option 1 - pay a one time upfront fee (before move-in) or Option 2 - choose to pay the monthly fee for the duration of the tenancy (added to rent). Statistically, applicants with a low credit score pose a higher risk and liability for Landlords. However, to alleviate the risk and offer the opportunity to rent, we have implemented the following scoring system:

500-550 - additional $300 mitigation fee with a 1.5 month rental deposit (can arrange monthly payments or pay upfront). 

551-600 - additional $150 mitigation fee with a 1.5 month rental deposit (can arrange monthly payments or pay upfront). 

600+ no fee.


  • Automatic Decline: Applicants will be automatically declined for the following: -Anyone having been Evicted and/or Owing a debt to a prior Landlord, Dismissed or Petitioned Bankruptcy in the past 5 years, Falsification of application or Invalid Social Security number.

  • Background check requirements: No felony convictions resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property within the last 7 years. No sexual related offenses for any time period. 

  • Additional issues that may increase security deposit: Foreclosure, Broken Lease or negative rental history with no existing debt, no rental history or NO credit score.